lib3mf v2.0.0 documentation

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Welcome! This is the documentation for lib3mf v2.0.0.

lib3mf is an implementation of the 3D Manufacturing Format file standard.

It provides 3MF reading and writing capabilities, as well as conversion and validation tools for input and output data. lib3mf runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS and offers a clean and easy-to-use API in various programming languages to speed up the development and keep integration costs at a minimum.

As 3MF shall become an universal 3D Printing standard, its quick adoption is very important. This library shall lower all barriers of adoption to any possible user, let it be software providers, hardware providers, service providers or middleware tools.

API documentation

Obtaining lib3mf

Simply download the precompiled binary SDK

Using lib3mf

Allthough the different language bindings are kept as similar as possible, the usage of lib3mf still depends your programming language. You are best-off starting with one of the examples distributed in the SDK (

In addition, the home pages for each language binding give detailed instructions on how to use them.

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